Month: July 2019

Picasso’s Bulls

When I visited London some time back, I also had the good fortune to see the Picasso exhibition curated by Sir John Richardson “Minotaurs and Matadors” at the Gagosian Gallery. Despite having seen many of Picasso’s works exhibited before (an entirely different and much… Continue Reading “Picasso’s Bulls”

“Summer Breeze”

Here I’m using a type of charcoal, totally new to me and this is my first time using them. They’re amazing but I haven’t quite become familiar with them yet.

“Saturday Morning”

While I can never come close to create anything as beautiful as the human form, I try to share my perception in such a way as help the viewer see that same beauty in a different light, with a different set of eyes.  I… Continue Reading ““Saturday Morning””

“Family: A Work In Progress” (details)

Acrylic paint on canvas, triptych (123 x 245 cm.) Just like the title, this is indeed a work in progress, yet I wanted to share the current developments. Knowing some of the journey may help you further appreciate or entirely dislike the finished product… Continue Reading ““Family: A Work In Progress” (details)”