“Changes” (detail)
triptych, 123 x 245cm acrylic on canvas.

While planning and thinking out this project, much of my focus was on discovering the potential and nature of the canvas. I wanted to take the canvas past its usual flat, and mostly discrete role as a ground to hold paint but had never expected for the shapes to hold such beauty, as to tempt me to leave them entirely blank? While tempting, I went through many stages before I finally concluded that any approach to painting these structures had not only to justify the sculptural qualities but be a means to help the viewer truly see, and appreciate the aesthetics of it all, or there would be no balance.

But, after a lengthy process, I’m finally at peace with the result.

“Changes” triptych, 123 x 245cm acrylic on canvas.

Upon completion, it became obvious that the name of this piece had to change. Though the structure remained the same, the dynamics had changed the identity—hence “Changes.”

The rectangular dimensions listed with the photo, are only for crating and shipping purposes. If “Changes” is to be displayed as in the above photo it measures a full 254 cm from top to bottom.

“Changes” (detail #2)

Getting a little closer and on a slight angle, should help improve the perception of what otherwise could be seen as an entirely two-dimensional object?

“Changes” (detail #3)

I particularly like how the sharper angle allow lights, reflections and shadows to better illustrate the shape and chroma in this photo.

“Changes” (detail #4)

The arduous process required to bring about these structures makes photographing them seem like a reward, frequently opening up an all new perspective to me. Once transferred to a two-dimensional format, the different viewing angles takes on a unique character, with an entirely new aesthetic value–conceptually connected, yet entirely separate from the original.

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