Progress Report

The long silence on my site is not due to inactivity but rather lack of me reporting my progress. Some of my pieces can be very time intensive, while also presenting some very real problems along the way—as every piece is new, real and different from the rest. 

What I do is important to me, a lot of time goes into my work and I don’t like to waste my time—so every piece I do, absolutely has to be worthy of my time. When I’ve done everything that I can do in sharing my idea I like to present a finished piece in such a way that somewhere in that space between the viewer and my work, the art that I intended happens in that space… That is not what’s happening here, a digitized facsimile of unfinished work can merely show a road toward a destination but not any actual destination.

I’ve intentionally used an uninvolved and pragmatic title here, because I don’t like not being able to give each piece the attention it deserves. None of the angled placements, the multiple light sources, various lighting temperatures (some colors appear colder and others unrealistically warmer than the true color) and the forced overlapping is far from ideal–but perhaps it’s all necessary as a marker on the progression of a timeline?

Because I’m the only person that knows my hopes and intensions for a work in progress, there’s a chance that I might hurt the final impression someone might have from that piece. First impressions are important BUT I really wanted to show you some of these pieces–though NOT finished. Because these pieces are so time intensive this has been a lengthy process, and I was beginning to crave some feedback.

Art should preferably be viewed without nearby distracting impressions. By deliberately making each piece a distraction to the other pieces, essentially diluting that first impression I’m hoping to get away with sharing my unfinished work–without ruining a later good experience?

Updates will of course follow as each reaches completion.

Showing my unfinished work is going out on a limb for me–let me know what you think?

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