“In the Light”

“In the Light” Acrylic on canvas, 139 x 123 cm (54¾” x 48½)

The immovably thick walls, nearly a millennium old, the old roman window and the light coming from beyond this solid barrier, the figure, as it is revealed in the sparse light of this otherworldly space—all play their part here.

I’ve named this painting “In the Light” to draw attention to the connection between figure and light.

Though coming from from outside the heavy walls, further reduced by the small window, this light makes its way into the room to play a vital part—contouring and defining the figure,.. all while also showing a connection between light and figure.

Yet this universal figure, though presented as complete, confident and beautiful—appears entirely focused on the diminutive bit of light making it through the small window, lending greater credence to the distant light than her own being.

The figure is “In the Light…” and having captured the attention of the viewer with her unreachable beauty, she points with all her attention to something beyond herself and the limited confines of the painting—the light that defines her.

Beyond the beauty of the figure, beyond the heavy walls and beyond the small window—it’s all about the light.

Interestingly, the theme of light (https://peterbaagoejepsen.com/2020/02/19/adagio/) is not unsual when working with this model–it’s a natural, part of her person, as other pieces (still in progress) will soon show.

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