“Saturday Morning”

“Saturday Morning”130 x 90 cm. (35.5″ × 51.2″) Acrylic paint on canvas. Unframed 

While I can never come close to create anything as beautiful as the human form, I try to share my perception in such a way as help the viewer see that same beauty in a different light, with a different set of eyes. 

I was impressed with how the bright sun becomes its own aesthetic, defining the figure while adding an almost marble-like tone to the skin and I’m rather pleased with the result. Much to the models surprise, I gave her red hair in this painting but it just seemed the right thing to do?

My admiration for the figure  should never be misunderstood as ambition to imitate the function of a camera, and why should I?The camera already does accurate depictions expertly, much faster and without compare. 

Instead I merely aim to share my respect and admiration for the endless variations of beauty I see in people around me.

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