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Everybody builds up experience through their years of living, it’s what makes us who we are and in the case of artists–it becomes our voice.

As an artist, I’ve completed numerous commercial and private projects for patrons that has approached me, either for my eccentricities, (I sometimes call it gifts in private) or because I was the only artist they knew? Either way I do have experience as an artist and I jumped through the hoops of a Fine Art education,

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My skills and specialities include Painting and Drawing in various media, just like the many forms of printing, although I’m presently without a printshop (ie. Lithography, Intaglio etc.)

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My portfolio will eventually showcase my various pieces created through the latter part of my career, leaving out the more commercial projects. Subscribe to my site to get updated when news happen

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On route from a heart attack and spinal injury, while being eaten up by depression and its perhaps typical destruction of self worth, motivation and strength– I’ve fought and still fight for the voice that I’ve been given.

My art doesn’t come easy, or maybe I’m not easily satisfied but no piece is done in the first try. While all my work start with a loose sketch, it takes many layers to establish the depth in the paint that I like to see in my work.

The human form is already great art before any artist decides to share a perspective on it. Yet, when interpreted and processed through the heart, mind and hand of an artist it might become a new and unique work of art. Now, it would seem that since the figure itself is already great art, all that´s left is to depict it and that any depiction would do but not so. Figurative art involves a lot more than depicting what you see, by putting paint on a canvas–you must first decide what you want see, and share. Already before the first stroke of paint, the composition and pose must be optimally arranged to best share the feeling intended, bringing the viewer in reather than turn them away. to bring the viewer into the whole mood of the piece. Once everything else is in place, the canvas can be stretched and prepared for the first strokes of paint to happen and approximately 250 hours later the painting may be completed, if successful–unless I scrap it and start over from the beginning.

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