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Everybody builds up experience through their years of living, it’s what makes us who we are and in the case of artists–it becomes our voice.

As an artist, I’ve completed numerous commercial and private projects for patrons that has approached me, either for my eccentricities, (I sometimes call it gifts in private) or because I was the only artist they knew? Either way I do have experience as an artist and I jumped through the hoops of a Fine Art education,

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My skills and specialities include Painting and Drawing in various media, just like the many forms of printing, although I’m presently without a printshop (ie. Lithography, Intaglio etc.)

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My portfolio will eventually showcase my various pieces created through the latter part of my career, leaving out the more commercial projects. Subscribe to my site to get updated when news happen

Instagram: @baagoejepsen

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On route from a heart attack and spinal injury, while being eaten up by depression and its perhaps typical destruction of self worth, motivation and strength– I’ve fought and still fight for what’s my only voice and hopeful recovery.

This is my fight and this is my art, these are my thoughts and these are my impressions. Not in a search for recovery but to once again find my voice and strength to express it, I have once again sought that which feeds my soul, gives me worth to those around me and myself. Fueling on the impressions that comes my way, art is my voice.

Truthfully, I am not sure of the role that art with its many demands play in my life but then I suppose something capable of absorbing and sensing life’s grandest moments, feelings and beauty, to then in return express them in whatever feeble attempts my only human eye, heart and hand is able, must necessarily come with a price?



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