“Adagio” 80 × 131 cm. (31.5″ × 51.5″)Acrylic paint on canvas. Unframed

Sunny days allows us to better see color, perhaps more so after a long dark winter but with color comes impact. Strong colors might dominate and become a distraction—I had to quiet down the colors, hoping to bring attention to the more ethereal qualities of light itself, while including the feeling of that deep warmth of sunlight as it reaches even your innermost core.

Then as if this moment was made just for this particular model, the light and the model came together in a perfect symbiosis, stretching and posed to express both the relaxing warmth of sunlight and that deep inner lift from being in the sun—the feeling that everything is just right.

Soaking in the sunlight is a marvelous feeling, and I wanted to share that feeling, the energy found in light—a warmth that goes right to the bone, fueling life itself.

It’s a good day in the sun, easy to enjoy—relaxing and recharging. It’s is really all about that feeling of being just you in the warmth of the sun, with no disruptions or distractions.

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