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“In the Light”

“In the Light” Acrylic on canvas, 139 x 123 cm (54¾” x 48½) Unframed With a contemporary approach to a cllassic setting, the cold and solid stone walls, nearly a millennium old seems impenetrable if not for a small humble window, yet sufficient for… Continue Reading ““In the Light””

“Light… and the Darkness”

“Light… and the Darkness” 65 x 130 cm (26″ x 51) Acrylic on canvas. Unframed. … and the darkness I recognize, because I have come to know it all too well–making it difficult to hold on to self worth, self respect, motivation and even… Continue Reading ““Light… and the Darkness””


“Maestoso” Acrylic on canvas,130 x 90 cm (51″ x 35 ½”) Unframed Spring is all about the return of light, and that deep warmth of the sun, once again bringing hope and rejuvenation after a long winter. As we emerge from hibernation, reclaiming our… Continue Reading ““Maestoso””

“Saturday Morning”

“Saturday Morning”130 x 90 cm. (35.5″ × 51.2″) Acrylic paint on canvas. Unframed  While I can never come close to create anything as beautiful as the human form, I try to share my perception in such a way as help the viewer see that… Continue Reading ““Saturday Morning””


“Adagio” 80 × 131 cm. (31.5″ × 51.5″)Acrylic paint on canvas. Unframed Sunny days allows us to better see color, perhaps more so after a long dark winter but with color comes impact. Strong colors might dominate and become a distraction—I had to quiet… Continue Reading ““Adagio””

“Your Song Is Not Yet Written”

“Your Song Is Not Yet Written” Acrylic paint on canvas. 80 x 80.4 cm. Unframed. To me, beginning a painting brings both anticipation and uncertaintity–ideas brought to life on a canvas often turns out to be reflection of an inner self that you might… Continue Reading ““Your Song Is Not Yet Written””