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Light… and the Darkness

Darkness I look around me and it’s my impression that many people are fighting their way through often continual, even crushing struggles—leaving them in what I call a darkness.  I recognize it because I too have come to know this darkness all too well,… Continue Reading “Light… and the Darkness”

“In the Light”

The immovably thick walls, nearly a millennium old, the old roman window and the light coming from beyond this solid barrier, the figure, as it is revealed in the sparse light of this otherworldly space—all play their part here. I’ve named this painting “In… Continue Reading ““In the Light””

Progress Report

The long silence on my site is not due to inactivity but rather lack of me reporting my progress. Some of my pieces can be very time intensive, while also presenting some very real problems along the way—as every piece is new, real and… Continue Reading “Progress Report”


While planning and thinking out this project, much of my focus was on discovering the potential and nature of the canvas. I wanted to take the canvas past its usual flat, and mostly discrete role as a ground to hold paint but had never… Continue Reading ““Changes””