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“In the Light”

“In the Light” Acrylic on canvas, 139 x 123 cm (54¾” x 48½) Unframed With a contemporary approach to a cllassic setting, the cold and solid stone walls, nearly a millennium old seems impenetrable if not for a small humble window, yet sufficient for… Continue Reading ““In the Light””


“Adagio” 80 × 131 cm. (31.5″ × 51.5″)Acrylic paint on canvas. Unframed Sunny days allows us to better see color, perhaps more so after a long dark winter but with color comes impact. Strong colors might dominate and become a distraction—I had to quiet… Continue Reading ““Adagio””

“Your Song Is Not Yet Written”

“Your Song Is Not Yet Written” Acrylic paint on canvas. 80 x 80.4 cm. Unframed. To me, beginning a painting brings both anticipation and uncertaintity–ideas brought to life on a canvas often turns out to be reflection of an inner self that you might… Continue Reading ““Your Song Is Not Yet Written””