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A Conscience of Civilization.

The lithograhic print “Die Menge” by Magdalena Abakanovicz consist of large dark mass of people, passing through the middle of a drawing, of which you (the viewer) could be a part. You see only hunched backs and their bowed heads. Using perspective, this group… Continue Reading “A Conscience of Civilization.”

Picasso’s Bulls

When I visited London some time back, I also had the good fortune to see the Picasso (1881 – 1973) exhibition curated by Sir John Richardson “Minotaurs and Matadors” at the Gagosian Gallery. It’s woth noting that Richardson holds some knowledge on the matter… Continue Reading “Picasso’s Bulls”

Discrimination, Masked as Equality…

with a twist of ecology! Some years ago the Springville Art Museum in Utah had show called “Out of The Land,” an opportunity for female artists to show their art. The Springville Art Museum was not taking the lead with such an event, rather… Continue Reading “Discrimination, Masked as Equality…”