“Maestoso” Acrylic on canvas,130 x 90 cm (51″ x 35 ½”) Unframed

Spring is all about the return of light, and that deep warmth of the sun, once again bringing hope and rejuvenation after a long winter.

As we emerge from hibernation, reclaiming our gardens, it’s difficult to resist that life-giving light of the sun as it seems to warm our very souls, bringing fresh colors and beauty to our surroundings, making it nearly impossible to hold back a little smile.

A relaxing day in the sun . warms not only our bodies but also our hearts, reminding us how much we’ve missed the strength found in light.

This piece is to celebrate spring, as we recover from a long and cold winter, the universal inclination to step outside, embrace the returning light, feel the warmth—to fully take in the  rejuvenating rays of the sun. 

It’s about simply about feeling the warmth of the sun, light–and the joy of Spring after a long dark Winter.

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