“Islands In The Gulf”

“Islands in the Gulf” 22″ x 30″ Watercolor on Arches cotton rag paper.

I couldn’t help including this old favorite of mine, although it’s a long time since I painted it but it triggers a lot of memories for me.

I was on the ferry to visit a dear friend in the Gulf Islands, who has long since passed away. While out on deck to enjoy the scenery, I noticed how the sun empowered those potently red interiors of the lifeboats, all in perfect contrast to an otherwise subdued and clouded Pacific West Coast sky. In my eyes, it just had to be painted and although it came with some difficulties–I quite like the result.

While this wouldn’t sell for much in a western european market, it went very quickly in North America and sold appropriately to a hotel in Victoria, British Columbia–where many of their customers might easily recognize the beautiful lifeboats when ferrying to any of the Gulf Islands or Victoria.

2 Comments on ““Islands In The Gulf”

  1. Hi! I’m David Katz, son of Rachel and a Eli Katz from the Douglas Hotel in Victoria.

    I have the original in my home. It’s been on a journey.

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    • That’s exciting to hear. I was aware that a hotel in Victoria purchased it originally but not which hotel. That painting has a longer a quite miraculous story behind it (not really fit for the blog) but I’m thrilled to know it still exists. I hope you’re enjoying it.

      Would you mind sharing the tale of its journey?

      First thoughts would be that you inherited it from your parents (possibly owners of the hotel,) by the sounds of it—a bit more complicated. Please tell me, and if you’d let me know what you think of it?


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